My name is Woo Greer. I AM a spiritual guide, an Intuitive, a mentor, story teller and truth seeker. I came into this world to break generational cycles and to empower others to do the same by offering them tools to shift their perspectives and develop a better relationship with self and God. I believe that we can heal from any thing we have experienced. As we heal, we heal those before us and after us changing and shaping the blueprint of our family's lineage. 

I offer my spiritual gifts/abilities, wisdom, and training to teach others to take back their power, find who they are and who's they are, break free of patterns and mindsets of this world by discovering their inner truth and knowing. I speak life, truth and healing into others. I also teach others to connect with themselves spiritually, physically, and mentally to mind body and spirit. I am a certified holistic life coach, herbalist, and a certified trauma informed and Yoga Nidra instructor.  I have been serving as a mentor for over 10 years. I started my own practice back in 2020 because I love to help others and I truly love what I do.

I offer services to those who seek guidance on this journey of life. My intentions is to lead you through the wilderness to get to the other side of the promise, freedom.

Disclaimer: Woo Greer/ Well Grounded Healing Services does not offer medical or psychological advice. The information is offered for educational purposes only.