Human Design

What is Human Design? Human design is a system created to help you better understand who you are, why you are, and what you are here to do. It is a system to help you fully align with self. It highlights parts of self that you may or may not know. Awareness will help you cultivate a more loving, authentic relationship with yourself and create space to accept all parts of yourself. The human design system will also help you strengthen and trust your internal guidance. 

The way it works: it uses your time of birth, location, and date to calculate information, similarly to astrology. The human design uses several other systems, like the I Ching, Chakra System, Kabbalah, and quantum physics, to interpret the information.

I love the human design system. It has been life-changing for me. I would always wonder why I am the way I am, and Human design gave me my answers. I loved it so much that I started studying it and taking classes to understand it better so that I could help others journey back home to themselves. 


   I am currently offering sessions to coach you specifically according to your design. I will also teach you how to read a body graph to learn more about yourself and others. The sessions are broken down into five sessions. What would will be covered in the sessions are:

  • Intro to HD -How your machine(bodygraph) functions.

  • Understanding Energy and how it works and the challenges.

  • Strengths and consistent energies

  • Understanding how your personality is played out consciously and subconsciously 

  • Discovering your purpose through human design

During the sessions we  will break down  type, authority, strategy, incarnation cross, channels, gates, definition, specific planets, open/defined gates, environment, definition, circuitry, and the way you take in and receive information. ( I know it’s a lot to cover.) Life is a journey; however, we are not without tools to help us navigate a little better. If this is something you are interested in, you book now!