Let Go and Let God

Every other Tuesday with the twins is Reconnect Day. It’s our day for the three of us to hang out, have fun, and connect after being gone with their dad. When they come back I don’t force them to do any chores, no pressure with homework, or go and hang with anyone else specifically on that day. It’s all about us and our time together. We choose somewhere different each time. This week it was rock climbing.. and boy did it come with the lessons y’all!

I realized I haven’t quite mastered the art of letting go. I’m not afraid of heights whatsoever, its something about the initial thought of letting go that is so scary even when I know I’m protected. What I did find is I have no issue with the process of moving through the path (well except that I need to slow down and take in each step and moment) however, letting go requires a level of trust that I’m still learning to lean into. It’s levels to this shit y’all but I know when I choose to let go I allow God to have his way. I must surrender to Gods will.

As you can hear in the video below there were times my baby told me not to give up and then the time she said “mama just let go you will be ok”, so I did she was right and I landed on my feet each time. It forced me to practice climbing and letting. She got to see me do something I was afraid to do and succeed. She was proud of me when I came down she said you did it! I did!!

As I was watching my children be so fearless and trusting, shows me the way I support them is vital to them continuing to trust the journey, letting go, and trusting in themselves to know when it's time to do so. They were so close to the top each time as I cheered them on but they also listen to themselves each time it was a no for them. I didn't shame them or make them feel bad either. Sometimes where they are is the finish line and it’s ok to let go when that line is different from those who care and support us. I still expressed how proud I was of them. Because that was the truth! I was completely in awe of them. They always find ways to show, me. My greatest teachers! I got work to do.

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